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Physicists Astonished as TEDxPenn Speaker Collapses Inside Own Asshole


Photo by T.col.williams / CC BY-SA 4.0

Physicists were astonished today when a TEDxPenn Speaker, Darvish Lelani, seemed to bend the laws of physics by collapsing inside his own asshole.

Lelani was midway through his presentation "How I Solved World Hunger With an App" when he appeared be sucked inside of his own anus, a display which has left scientists scratching their heads.

"We simply can't figure it out," said Dr. Matthew Weissbaum of CERN Labs in Switzerland, "no human being has ever become so full of himself as to actually be absorbed into his own butt through mysterious forces."

The following TEDxPenn speaker, whose presentation was titled "Darvish's Tragedy and How It Can Allow Me To Get a TEDxPenn Spot" was followed by a 10 minute ovation.