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​OP-ED: If Amy Gutmann Doesn't Answer My Valentine's Day Canvas DM, I Will Not Include Penn in My Will


Photo by Stuart Watson / CC-BY-SA-4.0

Dear President Gutmann,

Three weeks ago, I sent you a direct message on the digital learning platform, Canvas. In this message, I invited you to join me for a picnic on the riverbank with red wine, good bread, and cheese.

As of press time, you have ignored this invitation. A rejection would be one thing, but your cruel indifference in not even dignifying me with a response has injured my feelings in a way that may prove to be irreparable.

Your failure to respond to this request from a Penn undergraduate is yet another example of the University’s institutional hubris and your personal callousness.

You have left me no choice but to strike charitable gifts to Penn from my will. I have contacted the Office of Gift Planning and instructed them to nullify the donation from my estate planning.

I hope you will recognize the situation you have left me in and answer my message promptly.