Cool Professor Wears Graphic T-Shirt to Class


Photo from Infrogmation of New Orleans / CC BY-SA 4.0

In a courageous departure from the cultural norms of a major research institution, History professor and ska-punk enthusiast Jeffrey Adams donned a bright blue graphic T-shirt to class yesterday, solidifying his position as the coolest, chillest, and dopest professor at Penn.

Adams, 53, insists that his students call him “J-Dawg” and said that the graphic T-shirt adorned with the brand name “THRASHER” in flaming letters is part of his everyday attire. He claims, proudly, to have over four such shirts.

Multiple students of Adams commented, however, that they wished he would act slightly more professional in the classroom. While they don’t mind the T-shirt, they recalled their first day with him when he tore up a fake syllabus and yelled, “Fuck homework!” before dismissing the class 70 minutes early.

Despite some complaints, Adams attests that the graphic T-shirts and anti-establishment outbursts provide a fun alternative to most other “old-head” professors. “People think I’m a rad dude,” he said. “And I have tenure, so, hashtag yolo.”