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OP-ED: I May Not Understand What Cultural Appropriation is, But I Will Die Before I Admit it is Bad


Photo by Ben Husmann / CC BY 2.0

Hey, so I totally heard your comments about my Native American-print yoga mat, and I just want you to know that everything you said went completely over my head. But despite this, I will still insist that whatever I did is not bad. It can't be. I did it.

Yeah, I mean, ideally I guess I would listen to your arguments about the causes and harms of cultural appropriation, digest them as an empathetic human, and respond but... yeah, I'm not feeling that.

I was kind of hoping the pure force of my ignorance bludgeons you into submission, if that's cool.

And look, even if it is bad, I would literally fight you in defense of it. Why? I guess fundamentally I'm insecure about my identity and don't like it challenged. Also I like to fight. Wanna fight?

No? Okay, well then... uh, we seem to be at an impasse here. Because, look, I absolutely refuse to comprehend any of the information you're going to give me. Why? I don't have to, that's why. I can do what I want to do without complication as long as I don't accept complication. And I stand by that principle. It's all I've got. I love Chinese food, and I don't want to think any harder than that.

What's that? Harms? Rights? I can't hear you over this sick Native American headdress, sorry. Really wish I could. But I can't. Whoops.