​Engineering Student Builds up Enough Courage to Take Food Left out from Club Event

Pepperoni Food Takeout Pizza Office Box Snack

After waiting anxiously for 30 minutes, checking in periodically to make sure everyone had left, Engineering sophomore Jared Brown finally gathered enough courage to slyly take a slice of pizza left out from the Engineers in Engineering GBM.

“It was nerve-racking,” Brown said in between bites, sweating. “The constant fear of being caught combined with my already-debilitating social ineptitude made for quite the challenge.”

Brown claims that no one saw him take the slice as he was in and out in under ten seconds. “It was all planned out,” he said.

Engineers in Engineering have released a statement on the event, saying, “We don’t really care. He’s welcome to join the club. All we do is hold GBMs and eat pizza, anyway.”