Wow! This Frat Painted Five Hula Hoops For Their Olympics Party


Photo (with edits) by Rene Asmussen / CC0 and from Pxhere / CC0

The brothers of Rho Iota Chi (RICH) were running out of themes. They could only throw so many parties with a jungle theme, and their Frat themed frat party was not a hit. Some of their more ambitious themes had not worked out either, due to the general lack of artistic talent and motivation among the brothers—their Valentine’s Day party featured poorly cut out hearts hung with floss from the ceiling, which made for a fairly depressing atmosphere.

Luckily, one of the brothers remembered that this year presented an unusual opportunity, one that comes around only once every four years. “Of course!” the brothers all simultaneously thought to themselves. “A Winter Olympics theme!”

But how could it be done? Sure, they could have an ice luge and maybe cut out some snowflakes, but how would people know it was an Olympics theme? After several hours of brainstorming, one brother finally found the solution: paint five hula hoops in the olympics colors! With a little string, tape, and luck, they could perfectly recreate the Olympics symbol, throw the best party ever, and finally score a date with the people who rejected them on Valentine's Day.