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Future Bain Analyst Publishes Op-Ed Arguing Against Penn’s Pre-Professional Culture


Photo by StartupStockPhotos / CC0

Recently, many students have protested against Penn’s pre-professional culture and the seemingly few number of students who don’t pursue a career path in business, medicine, or law. 

Josh Patchington (W ’18), who recently signed on to be an analyst at Bain Consulting in NYC next year, had something to say about the matter.

“Penn has such a toxic, pervasive, pre-professional culture,” wrote the incoming management consultant in an incendiary Facebook post. “People are so hyper-competitive that it makes me sick. Whatever happened to pursuing your passions and focusing on things besides money?” 

Patchington’s post included other phrases such as “bursting the Penn bubble” and “taking off Penn face.” When asked if he could explain what those terms meant, the future Bain team member commented, “I don’t know, but Penn is so elitist. People should stop selling out.” 

Later, the senior could be overheard telling his friends in Huntsman that he “would’ve gone McKinsey, but Bain offered him a better signing bonus.”