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Freshman Girl Rejected from Frat by Boy Who Used Her for His Ratio During NSO


Photo by Yolanda Chen / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Last Friday night, Wharton freshman Megan Richards was asked to take a lap before entering a party at campus fraternity Eta Beta Phi. Though it isn’t uncommon to be turned away from a crowded party, Richards expected easy entry due to a connection to one of the fraternity’s pledges, College freshman Ethan Simpson.

“I became friends with Ethan on the first night of NSO. He and his roommate had just been rejected from a party at Phi Psi, so he asked me and the four other girls I was with to help him get in,” said Richards. “From that night on, Ethan and I shared a special bond—or so I thought.”

Richards explained that when she and her friends attempted to enter the party, Simpson stopped them. “He asked, ‘Who do you know here?’” she reported. Richards was stunned. 

“Like, who do you think I know here, Ethan?" she replied. "Did our time together mean nothing to you? We had talked about taking writing sem together. Rush changed you.”

We asked Simpson for a comment on his newfound allegiances. “It’s the circle of life," he said. "Beer is thicker than water.”