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Guy Who Led 'Fuck Tom Brady' Chant Cheated on Every Math 114 Midterm


Photo by Santeri Viinamäki / CC BY 4.0

On the night of February 4th, the Philadelphia Eagles made history as they claimed their first ever Super Bowl. Thousands of students from Penn alone raced down Walnut Street, headed towards Center City for post-game celebrations.

Andrew Turner (C '21), an Eagles fan since December 2017 and a New York native, was ecstatic the entire walk there. He started many chants, but one especially stood out. Virtually everyone in his vicinity joined him the moment he yelled:


Indeed, Turner started the chant about the Patriots’ legendary QB.

We at UTB asked Turner why he hated Brady so much.

“I just don’t like anything he stands for. The refs always help and bail him out, but above all, he’s a cheater. Can you believe that the league only gave him a four game suspension for Deflategate? He’ll do anything to get the win, and sometimes it’s unethical. So, yeah, fuck Tom Brady!” Turner said.

It turns out that the Economics major cheated on all of his Math 114 midterm last semester. Some of his classmates informed us that he may have cheated in other classes too.

“I dislike everything the kid stands for—his friends always gave him a hand during those tests, and gladly accepted that he was a cheater. Can you believe the Office of Student Conduct gave him a 0 on only one of those midterms after all of that? He’ll do anything to get an A,” Math 114 Professor Jon Donahue told us.

Perhaps if Turner keeps up this behavior, he can be the greatest of all-time.