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4 Innovative Ways to Hide Your Face Now That Blanket Scarf Szn is Ending


Photo from Pixabay / CC0

As we move through February, the days will get longer and temperatures will start to creep up.  This means that blanket scarf season is slipping away as quickly as it came. I know you're all thinking of the question that naturally follows the news that blanket scarf szn is ending: where will I hide my face now when I feel uncomfortable?

No need to worry, you introvert you.  There are plenty of ways to hide your face that don't involve cold weather apparel.

1. Glasses: The sun kind or the regular kind will work.  This method is my favorite socially acceptable defense mechanism.

2. Umbrella: Following blanket scarf szn is the rainy szn, the perfect time to use an umbrella.  Also fairly acceptable to use when it's sunny if you don't mind looking like a tourist.

3.  An actual blanket: Pull a total Linus (from Peanuts) by toting a full blanket around with you.  It doesn't matter that you are 20 years old. If someone questions you, just tell them you have a fever.

4. A ghost costume: There is no better way to say, "don't look at my fucking face" than just covering your entire body with a white sheet.  Bonus points if you wear sunglasses over the sheet, combining my favorite two defense mechanisms.