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Student Who Lost Moncler Jacket Preparing to Brave 60-Degree Weather in Canada Goose


Photo by ricky / CC BY 2.0 

For Jess Kim (E '21), it was just another mixer with Castle. Upon arriving, she dropped her $2500 Moncler jacket behind a leather couch in a dark room—like she normally does—but when she returned to get it two hours later, it had mysteriously vanished.

“I just don’t know how this could happen,” said a distraught Kim. “I am always so careful to leave my jacket in the dark, where no one can steal it. I guess I just thought Penn was a safe place, but it turns out people are willing to reach their hands behind a couch to get $2000 richer. Now I’m going to have to pretend like I can’t afford another Moncler and post a ‘lost jacket’ message in every Facebook group I’m in. I am so annoyed.”

Now, Jess will be resorting to her second option: a $1000 Canada Goose parka. And even worse, weather forecasts predict that temperatures for the next few weeks will be a frigid 60+ degrees.

“It’s just really hard when you’ve built this brand for yourself as a Moncler-wearer, and now you have to wear a poor person jacket," Kim explained. "I hope whoever took my jacket knows what I’m going through, and feels a deep, deep sense of shame.”