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OP-ED: I Didn't Join a Sorority Because I'm Not Like Other Girls; I'm 1,000,000 Bees in a Human Suit


Photo by The Daily Pennsylvanian

Let's get one thing clear: I'm not like other girls.

And I don't mean it in that, oh, I'm so quirky and different, I'm a manic pixie dream girl kind of way. I don't LOOOVE drinking beer or watching football with the BOYS. That's bullshit. I'm actually not like other girls.

I'm 1,000,000 bees in a human suit.

When I saw all these girls lining up outside sorority houses for rush, excitement in the air, I immediately felt sick to my stomach. I was gasping for air, drowning in an ever-deepening sea of Canada Goose jackets.

"I'm not like them," I couldn't help but think to myself. "I'll never be like them."

My self-doubt continued to gnaw at me as girls said things to me like, "I heard this is a top tier house! I'm super nervous," and "why do you emit an incessant buzzing noise, reminiscent of a large swarm of bees?"

I get it. I'm different. I know that I'm not as wealthy or pretty or well-connected as a lot of these girls on campus. I know that I'm multiple hives' worth of insects carefully zipped up into a latex suit stretched over a steel frame.

And it kills me. I know it shouldn't matter what people think of me; it's what's on the inside that counts. But when your insides are exactly one million bees, it's hard to feel accepted on this campus.

So to all the girls who are now in sororities, I hope you are happy. Genuinely. But I also hope you realize that you, and the Greek system, have made me acutely aware of my own shortcomings.

I will never smile happily on Instagram, throwing up my letters and posing with my big. I will never be one of you.

And it kills me, bee by bee.

At an alarming rate.