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OP-ED: I Only Go to Career Fairs So I Can Get Free Cups For My Kitchen


Photo by AlbertHerring / CC BY 2.0

I am employed. I am not looking for a job. So people ask me, “Why do you keep going to career fairs?” Well, I go to get new cups for my kitchen.

No, I don’t particularly like asking 20-something tech recruiters about their company culture or the most challenging aspect of their job. But I do like the free, bright orange plastic cups they give out at career fairs.

My kitchen is decorated with cups from the highest-tier investment banks, consulting companies, and law firms. Do I know what any of these businesses do? Absolutely not. But I really like drinking out of the blue Deloitte mug. It keeps my coffee pretty warm.

Next week, there is a startup career fair in Houston Hall. I have a job, and have no intention of trying to find another. But, my roommate won’t ever clean the fucking dishes, so I will most likely be there, schmoozing with the Philly Startup Leaders, looking for the best plastic cups in the room.