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OP-ED: Jimmy and His Gay Dance Moves Are Ruining My Frat’s Culture


Photo by Mauricio Mascaro / CC0

It was just another frat party. Then Jimmy started voguing.

For centuries, if not longer, frats have been a sacred and necessary part of our country. They build brotherhood, cultivate sexual relationships, and train men for the real world.

My frat is no different. If anything, we’re one of the better ones at Penn. We throw a couple parties a week, where alcohol is the only release from an otherwise horrifying experience of large men with splotchy skin.

Also, there is dancing. But nothing crazy--just some grinding, fist-bumping and head-nodding. We try to keep things nice and straight in our house.

So, during our annual risky business party, I was horrified to see one of my own brothers, Jimmy Nichols, dancing like a total fairy. A song came on - Beyonce or something like that - and he just went crazy.

His arms started thrashing violently, his hips gyrated, and he was so on beat. A crowd of sorority chicks gathered around him, clapping and cheering. What were us regular bros supposed to circle like vultures around now that Jimmy had all the girls’ attention?

Jimmy’s dancing made me feel uncomfortable. I started to think, “Is he gay now? And if he is gay, how do I keep him from harassing me? Is our frat a gay frat now?” Everyone knows that when people dance like that, us straight folk feel threatened by how little they care about their masculine image.

He now dances like that at all our parties. And I’m not gonna lie, I stare at him when he does it. His eyes and body are mesmerizing. But that’s exactly why this stuff threatens my frat’s image.

My brotherhood’s culture of masculinity and opposite-gender attraction is under siege. If Jimmy continues his reckless behavior, we’ll have no choice but to confront him, and remind him how unnatural both his dancing and homesexuality are.