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OP-ED: Of Course I Use Septa, How Do You Think I See My Two Friends at Drexel?


Photo by Morgan Rees / The Daily Pennsylvanian

I know what you’re thinking, and it’s absolutely not true. I may have every driving app on my phone, but the truth is: I only use them for emergencies. You know, like if I’m running late, or it’s snowing. I never use Uber; their CEO sucks— but I do keep the app on my phone for real emergencies, like if Lyft’s rates are too high. So how, you might ask, do I visit my two friends at Drexel? The answer is simple: I take SEPTA.

You might not need to take SEPTA, because you don’t have two friends at Drexel, but I do. One studies film, and the other is an engineer. Their names are Matt Smith and Peter McMillan. I met them at an APES party because they went to high school with one of the brothers, but we don’t hang out at APES. We hang out at Drexel, and I have to take SEPTA to get there.

You see this Key Card in my wallet? That’s how I pay to ride the SEPTA. I used to use tokens, but we’re past that now. Twice a month, I use this card to go visit my two friends at Drexel. Sometimes we all go out with some of their friends, and that’s a really unique experience. It’s so important to get out of the Penn Bubble and see the real Philadelphia, and you can’t do that if you take Lyft or Uber. You have to take SEPTA. And have two friends at Drexel.