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Penn Taiwanese Society Recruits First Actual Taiwanese Member


Photo by The Daily Pennsylvanian

In a groundbreaking move that has shattered the glass ceiling for cultural clubs everywhere, the Penn Taiwanese Society has accepted John Huang (C '21) into their organization, making him the first member of their club with a true Taiwanese heritage.

This club, based on an highly specific, small, and homogenized region of Asia, has members with a wide range of backgrounds, hailing from Madagascar, Liechtenstein, Massachusetts, and even New Jersey. There has always been one notable culture missing, however, with Taiwanese people failing to make the cut for the club.

“Here at PTS, we value inclusivity and diversity,” remarked Joseph Kim, a member of the PTS executive board who is half Korean and half Japanese. “Being Taiwanese should not restrict someone from joining the Penn Taiwanese Society. We believe that is unjust.”

“It would be nice to actually have a Taiwanese person in the organization,” stated Allison Shen, a PTS member whose hardline Chinese parents would not be pleased if they knew she associated with a Taiwanese organization. “Usually we just guess their background and hope we get it right. They probably have bubble tea in Taiwan, right? Or is that racist? Nah, they definitely have bubble tea.”

We wish the best for PTS as they work to increase the diversity of their group.