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Five PURM Projects That Mean Your Professor is Going Through a Divorce

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We all know that Penn professors tend to do some strange things in their classes and on their exams, but their endeavors outside of class are sometimes equally perplexing. Take a look at some recent PURM postings from professors who are clearly having a tough semester: 

1. An Investigation Into Innovative Space-Saving Algorithms

A divorce means family income is cut in half, so your poor mentor will probably be on the hunt for more modest accommodations. Best of luck finding a way to fit all that furniture into your new home!

2. Understanding Systems Cooled to Absolute Zero

It may take your professor years to understand just what was going on in their barren, frozen heart. Maybe you can help?

3. Examining the Role of the Family Group in Eastern Classical Literature

It’s always a good idea to seek the wisdom of history when faced with a tough problem. There have to be plenty of books out there about trying to salvage a decade of empty dreams, right?

4. Developing a Quicker, Cheaper Synthesis for Novel Food Substitutes

Sure, Soylent isn’t gonna win anyone a Michelin star. But somewhere, between the creamy emulsifiers and floating bits of fiber, you just might forget that cooking used to be a two person activity.

5. An In Depth Study of What the Hell I Did Wrong

…It’s been a rough year, hasn’t it?