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Quiz: Does Your Crush Really Have a Midterm at 8PM on Valentine’s Day, or Are They Just Not Into You?


Photo (with edits) by Viscious Speed / CC0, Tayeb MEZAHDIA / CC0

We’ve all been there. You get turned down for a Valentine’s date, but the explanation is a little hard to decipher. Maybe Jessica really is allergic to nighttime, or maybe she just doesn’t see you as more than a friend. This quiz will help you figure out for sure if your crush really has a midterm at 8pm on Valentine’s Day, or if they’re just not into you.

  1. When you casually asked your crush what he was doing on Valentine’s Day, what did they say?
    1. “Probably nothing, I’m not really into those dumb holidays.”
    2. “I’m actually taking a midterm that night, can you believe that?”
    3. “I’m going to be proctoring your exam. You know you have a midterm on February 14th, right?”
    4. “None of your business.”
  2. When you asked your crush where she likes to go on dates, what did they say?
    1. “I guess like a nice restaurant, but I’m pretty flexible. Why?”
    2. “Um, I don’t know … maybe like dinner and a movie?”
    3. “My husband and I hardly ever have time for dates these days, because we’re always driving the kids to soccer practice or play-dates or something. Now, how is this relevant to class?”
    4. “Oh my gosh, did Dave ask you to ask me? Wait, don’t tell him I asked you that! Just say that I like a nice, romantic restaurant, and I know it’ll be perfect as long as it’s with him!”
  3. What are you like, as a person?
    1. I know what you are, but what am I?
    2. I’m pretty cool, I think.
    3. I’m honestly creepy as hell.
    4. Prefer not to answer.
  4. What did you give your crush when you asked them out?
    1. 500 red roses, one for every minute I’ve known and loved them.
    2. Nothing, why would I give them something?
    3. My completed eight-page paper.
    4. A box of chocolates.

Mostly 1s: Your crush is just not into you. You should probably stop trying so hard. I mean god, it’s embarrassing. Do less, bro.

Mostly 2s: You crush actually has a midterm at 8:00pm on Valentine’s Day. All hope is not lost!

Mostly 3s: You literally asked your professor out. What is wrong with you?

Mostly 4s: Your crush has a midterm at 8:00pm on Valentine’s Day, but that’s not why she won’t go out with you. She won’t go out with you because she’s still super into Hot Dave from her chem class. Sorry buddy.