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Sad! Student Scratched Her Head at the Same Time the Professor Asked, 'Any Questions?'


Photo from CollegeDegrees360 / CC0

Uh oh! Sarah Steinberg (C '21) decided to scratch her head at the exact moment her professor asked the class if they had any questions.

Steinberg's head had been itching for some time. She waited and waited for the best moment to scratch. Her goal was to avoid moving while the professor was looking at her. She didn't want him to think she had a question when she had really been on Facebook for the entire lecture. She wasn't even certain what class this was.

Then, her worst nightmare came true. Though the professor was turned away, he snapped back to face her just as her fingers touched her head.

The professor, of course, called on Steinberg once he had seen her hand move upward. "Yes?" the professor asked, to which Steinberg replied, "Uh...nothing. I was just scratching my head." An awkward silence fell over the classroom for a few moments.

The miscommunication was unfortunate for both parties. It wasted about five seconds of class time, and also revealed Steinberg's awkwardness to her classmates. Sad!