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Shocking: That Guy Who Saved His Spot in Study Carrel With a Pile of Books Has Been Abroad All Semester


Photo by Kasra Koushan / The Daily Pennsylvanian 

Last Saturday morning, Kelly Zhang (C ’19) hit the second floor Huntsman Quiet Study Room (QSR) at approximately 10:30 am, only to find that every single study carrel was occupied. Textbooks and notebooks littered each small study space. Yet, only three people were actually present in the room.

“I thought I spotted a free space in the back of the room, but when I rounded the corner I saw that a coat, a couple sheets of loose-leaf paper, and a single pen were on the desk,” said the junior. “I figured someone was sitting at that carrel and just went to the bathroom or something.”

After glancing around the room, Zhang noticed that almost every desk was covered with belongings despite the lack of actual people.

“One carrel had a full three course meal on it. Another one just had a single dirty sock laying across it. Like, are people even actually studying here?” exclaimed Zhang.

UTB reporters discovered that the items on the back right carrel belonged to Josh Munson (W ’20), who has been abroad since the first week of January and hopes to have the study space to himself once he gets back.

“He asked me to me rearrange the direction his pen is facing every few days to make it seem like he’s still around,” explained Peter Whittington (E ’20), Josh’s roommate. "That way, no one else could possibly sit there."

Further research revealed that 99% of the second floor QSR carrels contain the belongings of students who have no plans of returning anytime soon, if at all.