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OP-ED: Should We Go to Wawa?


Photo by Ben+Sam / CC 2.0

Wait, guys, should we stop at Wawa?

Yeah, we could hit Allegro’s, I guess. Last time I went there it was way too crowded though. It’s totally up to you though.

I do love those Hoagies at Wawa. They’re way better than you’d think. Like they’re actually super solid—not liquid in any way.

And like even though everyone’s always talking about how great Wawa is, it actually lives up to the hype! Want to see my Wawa necklace? And my Wawa t-shirt? I guess you could say I'm pretty familiar with cultural norms in the tri-state area.

Guys, just so you know, we just walked past Wawa. Just putting it out there in case anyone wanted to go.

Wow! I’m super hungry right now! How are you guys feeling, gastrointestinally speaking?

So what did we decide? ‘Cause like if some people want to go back that’s cool. I wouldn't mind heading back. It's only a couple blocks back. 

Wait, you all do? Come on, don’t make me go there alone. I’ll buy you something.

Shit, I forgot my wallet. Can someone spot me for this Wawa run?