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​OP-ED: Want to Go to Smokes Tonight? I Promise I Won't Get Sad Like Last Time


Photo by James Meadows / The Daily Pennsylvanian

It’s Wednesday, dude. Want to go to Smokes?

Nah, that won’t happen again. I was just going through some stuff last week with Lauren and I got a little drunk and it all came pouring out.

Come on. It will be fun. I promise I won’t freak out like I did last time. It was just that Lauren told me she’s going abroad and doesn’t want to do the long distance thing.

All of our friends are going tonight. It’s just crazy to me that Lauren would say that. I think we could totally stay together while she’s abroad.

50 cent drinks, man! How can you pass that up? I’m going to miss Lauren a lot. We got so close over the past few months. I feel like she accepted me completely, celebrating my strengths and embracing my demons. 

She made me cherish those little moments. Her head on my chest, my hand in my hair. It was cold outside, but inside we were warm and safe. Time was stopped. Nothing mattered except us. 

You love Smokes. Let’s go, dude. Maybe I should call Lauren? I don’t know. This is so fucked up. I miss her. God damn it. Why would she do this? Fuck.

Cool, so we’ll leave at like 11?