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OP-ED: I Don’t Get Why People Are Making All These Startups That Don’t Benefit Me Personally


Photo (with edits) by Ana Larazzy / CC0

It’s just straight dumb.

I’m like, sitting right here, and these people are making startups that don’t even have anything to do with me. Like, I can’t see a reason why they would do that.

Basically this is how I see it: you could either make a startup that improves my life, or you could make a startup that doesn’t improve my life. It’s a startup either way, so it’s kind of just selfish to choose the one that doesn’t benefit me personally.

I mean, am I wrong? Is it unreasonable to think that people should choose to help others when it doesn’t even make a difference for them? Like, I’m not saying that every action that every person takes should be working toward something that benefits me… but shouldn’t it?

I feel like I’m not asking too much. Like, I’m not saying that it’s a dick move to make a startup that doesn’t even benefit me, but isn’t it?

I mean tell me if I’m off-base, but like I’m pretty sure that the only thing “off” is these startups. It's like, are you sure that’s a startup? Seems more like a shutdown, because that’s how I feel surrounded by all these new businesses that neglect and insult me. These "entrepreneurs" should be damn ashamed.