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Study Finds 78% of Students Dare You to Just Type a Little Louder, See What Happens


Photo by Amanda Mills / CC0

A new study from the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering found that 78% of students “dare you to just type a little louder,” with majority daring you to “see what happens.”

The study, published last Monday, additionally found that 10% of respondents “can’t hear the professor over your clacking keys,” and another 10% have been wondering “what is so urgent?!”

1% of respondents claimed they were “just chilling,” and an additional 1% said they were “taking such efficient notes right now!” but these two groups were statistical outliers in an otherwise decisive and irrefutable study. The research ultimately concluded that “the volume of your typing is really just unnecessary.”

“It sometimes feels like you don’t even know what you’re typing,” said one study participant during his poli-sci lecture. “It’s as if you mastered your first grade typing activities and felt so proud that, ever since, you’ve just been mindlessly pounding away at the keys, unable to control yourself.”

Researchers have yet to determine precisely what will happen when you "type a little louder."