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Report: 'The Climb' by Miley Cyrus Written About 38th St. Bridge


Photo by Katie Zhao / The Daily Pennsylvanian

In a recent announcement by singer, actress and Penn alum Miley Cyrus, Cyrus revealed that her hit single “The Climb” was written about the Class of 1949 Bridge on Locust Walk and 38th Street.

“Walking up that motherfucker feels like climbing Mt. Everest,” she stated in an interview with VICE News. “I’m always wheezing by the time I make it to the other side, but you gotta stay optimistic, you know? There’s always gonna be another mountain, and you’re always gonna want to make it move. And climbing that bridge is definitely an uphill battle.”

Cyrus’s announcement has drawn the attention of Penn administration, who is, as President Amy Gutmann said in a recent press release, “very proud to have such an influential figure as a member of the Penn community. The bridge is one of the most iconic attributes of Penn’s campus. It’s a difficult walk, but much like the walk of life, the road to success is never easy. It’s a metaphor for the struggles that all students will face through their lives, but just as they’ll make it over the bridge successfully—albeit a bit out of breath—they’ll get through life successfully as well. It’s all about, it’s all about the climb. Whoa, yeah.”

Cyrus is also reportedly working on a song called “The Lake,” named after the “huge fucking puddle that forms at the bottom of the bridge every time it rains.” Stay tuned for updates on her upcoming single.