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Wow! This Junior Ordered Frontera, Went to All Her Monday Classes, and Her Rice Bowl Still Wasn't Ready


Photo by Meg H / CC BY 2.0 

For Wharton junior Addison Stein, the wait at Frontera is worth it. She orders her rice bowl with chipotle chicken, waits for about thirty minutes, then eats it.

But last Wednesday, Stein was feeling adventurous. Bored of her typical order, she chose to add half an avocado to her bowl—a decision that she would come to truly regret. 

"I just wanted to change things up a bit; I had no idea how much this would throw off the chefs,” said Stein.

She placed the order at noon, planning to eat the bowl before her 1 p.m. seminar. But when it was 12:50 and she could see a crowd of employees circled around a rice bowl in the kitchen, scratching their heads, she decided to just take the Frontera buzzer with her to her classes.

It didn’t go off until 7:50 p.m., when she got out of a 3-hour lecture. Understanding the complexity of her order but running low on calories, she went by Frontera to pick up her bowl. It didn’t have the half-avocado that she wanted, so employees offered her chips instead, which she halfheartedly accepted.

Unfortunately for Stein, this was not only a slow day for rice bowls at Frontera. The chips were also stale and sharp. She ended up with several lacerations in her mouth, shards of tortilla chips in her soft palate, and a cold rice bowl with no avocado.