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​OP-ED: That $162 Uber Fine is Nothing Compared to the Canada Goose I Just Ruined


Photo from Pexels / CC0

Ah, to wake up on a Saturday morning to a $162 Venmo request from your friend whose Uber rating you just destroyed! That's when a person’s heart would normally drop. You see, I would normally be upset to have to pay the cost of Holiday Inn room for throwing up all over myself, but I’ve learned to put things in perspective.

Last Friday night I was a mere child. Yes, legally I was an adult, but many adults are just children masquerading as mature, pretending they know anything at all. It is all a farce. I have finally broken away from that lie. After Friday night, I matured. It might be a stretch, but I believe I came a single step closer to enlightenment.

I’ve realized material costs are meaningless. Money has no significance. No significance, that is, as long as these costs are less expensive than the Canada Goose jacket that I ruined with my drunken vomit.

What is $162 dollars? Sure that might be a person’s full day’s wages. Is that applicable to me though? Of course not: I own a Canada Goose. $162, I’ve learned, is not something to beat myself up over. We all make mistakes, and I think part of maturing is learning to not let these mistakes bother you, especially if you have a ruined $1000 jacket you have to deal with instead.

I’m actually glad this happened to me. I have accepted the Uber charges in my heart, so that I can, in turn, accept myself. Also, it turns out that dry-cleaning exists!