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​UberXL Called Due to Last Minute Addition of Jeremy to Group


Photo by Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / CC BY 2.0

In a stunning turn of events Thursday night, Brian Rice (W ’19) was forced to cancel an UberX and call an UberXL in order to accommodate Jeremy.

With the UberX only three minutes away from the house, Jeremy came downstairs and announced his intention to go downtown with the group. This brazen move increased the size of the group from four to five, requiring an UberXL.

“It was pretty shocking,” Brian said. “Jeremy said he was going to chill at home for the night, but I guess he decided last minute to come with us.”

Brian smarted at the inconvenience. “It was pretty annoying to wait for the XL when the regular Uber was so close,” Brian said.

Jeremy resented Brian’s accusations. “It’s really not that big a deal to call an UberXL,” Jeremy said. “Besides, Brian had been begging me to come all day so it’s pretty absurd for him to be mad when I decided to go.”

Brian contends that Jeremy has displayed a pattern of selfish behavior like this. “Remember when we were going to Ramen Bar at 8 last week, but he got in the shower at 7:55?” Brian said. “He wasn’t ready until 8:20 and we were pretty hungry.”

Jeremy denies this allegation. “The original plan was for Ramen Bar at 8:30, but then Brian moved it up unilaterally because he had a group project meeting.” Jeremy said. “Getting in the shower at 7:55 was totally fine for the time we had agreed upon.”

As of press time, Jeremy had not completed Brian’s Venmo charge for his share of the UberXL.