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Underachiever Drops Class After Getting 'A' on Midterm


Photo (with edits by Jonah Weinbaum) by Eric Molina / CC BY 2.0

Known underachiever and College sophomore Glenn Mavis has dropped CHEM 245 after receiving an ‘A’ on the first midterm, according to a report that leaked Wednesday.

Mavis, who is seen as an extreme underperformer by everyone who knows him, confirmed that he was upset to have earned such a good grade on the test.

“When I got the test back, I was just so pissed,” he said. “I didn’t just do well; I set the goddamn curve. If I hadn’t dropped the class I could’ve ended up with a grade as good as a B. My reputation would be ruined.”

Chelsea Burington, Mavis’s academic advisor expressed dismay at Mavis’s decision to drop the course. “I don’t know why this kid loves doing so poorly in school,” she said. “That schmuck gets a good grade for once in his life, and he throws it away. His schedule is always very doable, too."

Since dropping Chemistry, Mavis says he has received no grade higher than a C. “We’re back on track now,” he said.