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Wow! Some Guy in This Italian Cinema Studies Class Really Appreciates 'The Godfather'


Photo from Flickr / CC0

Aron Ramanujan (E ’21) recently joined CIMS 014: Italian Adaptations. The reason? He loves The Godfather.

On the first day of classes, Professor Lisa Tancredi asked all of her students about their motivations for taking the class. Ramanujan wasted no time letting the world know that he was a fan of the illustrious film.

“I truly think it had a profound impact on the history of cinema. It’s like the best movie of all-time. Easily,” Ramanujan explained. Virtually all of his peers nodded.

For the rest of the class, Ramanujan cited quotes from the film and successfully imitated Don Vito’s intonations and mannerisms.

“Aron is literally like the eight thousandth kid in my career to say that. It’s like no one understands or appreciates Italian art these days—only The Godfather matters.” Tancredi said.

There was actually one student in the class whose favorite movie was not The Godfather. For once, Tancredi "had hope" for her students, believing that they actually knew something else about Italian film history. All of it faded, though, when the student revealed her favorite was indeed The Godfather Part II.

When pressed, Tancredi admitted that watching The Godfather on repeat was what drove her to pursuing a PhD in Italian film back in 1985: "It’s just something you have to love."