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​After Horse Girl Becomes Social Chair, Other Sisters Complain About the Constant Equestrian Themed Mixers


Photo by Don Debold / CC BY 2.0

A lot of Penn students were horse girls at some point in their lives, but very few are horse women. Junior Hannah Engelwood is one of those few, and she has brought her love for horses to the school’s social scene.

No one had anticipated that when she took the position as her sorority’s social chair, that she would so aggressively start forcing her love for her “handsome men” (her two Arabian horses imported from the Netherlands) on everyone. The first mixer theme was innocent: a Royal Windsor Horse Show theme. Everyone dressed up as rich Brits that had too much time on their hands. However, things got out of hand when she planned a my tie type mixer in which her sorority’s sisters had to match the riding bit they were given at the beginning of the night to the correct frat brother.

She also insisted that all of her sisters purchased riding boots, pants, and helmets. “The amount I had to spend on horse apparel already cost me more than the sorority dues themselves,” complains Jenny Berthem, a sophomore in Engelwood’s sorority.

Another sister laments the Kentucky Derby themed mixer: “I was already angry enough she had us run a 5k around the Bio Pond drunk, but she made us do it in those hats. I couldn’t see a thing, and I fell into the murky depths of the bio pond. I was found three days later.”

As Englewood's horse passion continues to permeate all other aspects of her life, we send our condolences to her friends, family, and quite literally anyone she's ever talked to.