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Amy Gutmann Vacations in Philadelphia for Spring Break


Photo by Carson Kahoe / The Daily Pennsylvanian

According to her twitter, Amy Gutmann is “excited to finally see what the city of Philadelphia has to offer.”

Upset to have missed the winning city’s Super Bowl aftermath (Gutmann was pretty busy trying to keep school in session for the parade), she immediately began planning her spring break trip to the City of Brotherly Love. That week, she booked two round trip tickets from JFK for her husband and herself.

Husband Michael Doyle says, “I can’t wait to finally see one of the places that my Amy works. It’s going to be like a ‘take your husband to work day!’”

Gutmann, after looking over the itinerary her assistant created for her, realized how many sites there were to see in the city. “Did you know that the famous Philly Love statue is right on Penn’s campus?” she gushes.

However, sources close to the couple confirm they will be going directly to Merion Cricket Club for the week.