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BREAKING: Daniel Weisman Will Be in Israel This Summer


Photo by Dennis Jarvis / CC BY-SA 2.0

BREAKING—as of Thursday afternoon, Daniel Weisman (C ‘21) committed to going to Israel this summer.

This bold move comes one year after his gap year in the holy land. Weisman plans to spend this summer taking advantage of all that Israel has to offer, including “a drinking age of 18,” “falafel,” and “Tel-Aviv.”

Weisman noted that after the meaningful experience of his gap year, he had to go back. “I gained so much from my journey last year,” Weisman said, including friends from UDelaware and friends from UMich. Weisman noted that he also gained friends from Northwestern. “It was a really immersive experience. I also learned some Hebrew. Listen—sababa. I’m basically Israeli!”

When asked what he felt about the rising tensions between Netenyahu’s conservative government and Palestinian leadership in the wake of both Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and Netanyahu’s silence surrounding West Bank demolitions, Weisman noted, “Shana haba-ah byerushalaim, am I right? Yeah, I don’t really know anything about that.”