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CAPS and Uber Partner to Offer Discounted Rides to Therapists in Rittenhouse


Photo by Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / CC BY 2.0

As part of a new initiative to improve mental health on campus, CAPS and Uber are partnering to make it cheaper to visit your therapist's office downtown.

Bobby McDonagh is a spokesperson for Uber, Inc. “We determined that 75 percent of Ubers originating from Penn’s campus are going to therapists,” McDonagh said. “The rest are going to Rumor.”

Uber and CAPS are planning further collaborations in the future. “Eventually, we want your UberPOOL to be group therapy,” McDonagh said. “You ride around talking about your problems, the driver shows you some breathing techniques, then everyone goes home.”

Karen Martinez (C ’19) isn't sure how it'll work out. “Honestly, all my UberPOOLS end up being like 20 minutes of awkward silence,” she said.