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Classmate with Thin, Fancy Notebook Taking Better Notes Than You


Photo from BRRT / CC0

Furiously scribbling down every point the professor presents, the classmate to your left with the thin, fancy notebook is definitely taking better notes than you.

You, with your three-subject notebook for five classes, cheap mechanical pencil which smears when it erases, and off-the-shelf Walmart backpack, are not taking such clear and comprehensive notes as the classmate to your left, with her thin, fancy notebook, expensive Japanese pen set, and designer black bag.

She copied the diagram of the liver exactly as it was shown on the board—exactly, down to the colors of the arrows. You pulled out your phone and snapped a photo, slacker. When the professor launched into a new topic, she put away her pen and pulled out another one with a different color. You awoke from your brief nap upon hearing, “Let’s move on.”

Notebook Girl is going to ace this exam, unlike you, who is totally screwed. Maybe if you spent less time browsing Facebook and more time buying leather-bound fifty-page notebooks and $100 pens, you'd be better off.

Looks like there's an open cup of coffee on Notebook Girl's desk. Just one accidental nudge and you can bring down the exam average, ever so slightly. It's a shame you're asleep.