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OP-ED: Dual Degrees are Hard: I Have to Keep Track of Five Gmail Accounts


Photo by Seyoung Kim / The Daily Pennsylvanian

It's not easy being a dual-degree student, you know. I really envy you single-degree kids sometimes.

Oh, it's not because of the seven courses I'm taking. It's not even because I'm struggling to decide between my equally prestigious and lucrative internship offers in both tech and finance.

It's because I have five fucking Gmail accounts. 

"Get rid of an account," you say? I can't. I need all of my accounts: my third grade personal account, my professional account, my Wharton account, my SEAS account, and, uh, my porn subscription account.

Do you know how goddamn annoying it is to check emails in five different inboxes? You can't even keep one clean, can you?

Or when people send emails to your SEAS email when you specifically told them to use your Wharton email, because you're not a fucking plebeian?

Ugh. Forget it. You wouldn't understand.