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Confused Engineering Freshman Reluctantly Breaks All Springs in Project


Photo by James Famkima / CC BY-SA 3.0

Winston Drake (E ‘21) is still getting used to the whole “college” thing. After finally figuring the right way to slide a PennCard through a scanner and getting a grip on how much laundry detergent was enough, the budding engineer really thought he had it all figured out.

Apparently not.

It began last week, when all of Winston’s friends were discussing plans for “spring break."

“I’m homeschooled,” he sheepishly noted. “I didn’t really get the concept of regular planned vacations.”

The unfortunate engineer took the phrase a bit too literally, and methodically broke each and every spring in his midterm project for mechanical engineering.

“I thought it was some kind of wacky tradition. It did seem pretty odd to make the entire class throw out months of work, but there are plenty of other strange things that happen here. Who am I to judge?”

Oh well. On the bright side, Winston’s totally going to make up the lost time over break. He told us himself!