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​Finally: Pet Funerals No Longer Have to be Registered


Photo by Pixabay / CC0

Kyle O’Loughlin (E '18) lost his pet ferret, Laszlo, in October. Seeking to honor the life and memory of his four-footed friend, he held a traditional Irish wake at his off-campus house.

Kyle’s friends and family gathered to observe Laszlo in repose. The mourners kissed the body, shared stories, and drank whiskey.

According to Kyle, it was a beautiful, moving ceremony. Until Penn Police arrived to shut it down. Kyle had not registered Laslo’s funeral with the Office of Alcohol and Other Drugs in accordance with Penn’s event policies.

In the wake of the wake, Kyle petitioned to exempt pet funerals from the registration requirement. And it worked. Students may now hold pet funerals without notifying the University in advance.

At press time, several Penn students had already adopted dogs and killed them so they could have a party.