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5 Signs the Talkative White Guy in Your Seminar Was on Debate Team in High School


Photo from Pexels / CC0

  1. He’s a talkative white guy. Chances are, he probably takes up half of the discussion time in class. But hey, he’s all for free speech, so it’s only fair that he gets the last word.
  2. He “piggybacks off of what you just said” all the time, only to then say something completely unrelated. Or, alternatively, he says the exact same thing, just with slightly different wording.
  3. He plays devil’s advocate to literally everything. Like, everything, including stuff there’s literally no reason to play devil’s advocate for. He’s probably tried to defend something pretty fucked up like colonization or something. At some point in time, you’ve definitely wondered whether or not his shitty “devil’s advocate” position actually reflects his own personal views.
  4. He cuts you off at every possible moment. For your next recitation, try taking a shot every time this happens, but make sure you call MERT before you do.
  5. He wears a suit to every class and always talks like he’s at a podium. Seriously, why do they do this? You say, “Hey, what’s up dude?” and he adjusts his tie and gives a 60-second opening speech about how throwing up in the Uber last night was not his fault. He’s pretty fuckin’ weird, bro.