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Fossil Free Penn Occupies Penn Museum, Will Not Leave Until All Dinosaur Skeletons Are Removed


Photo by Sebastian Bergmann / CC BY-SA 2.0

Regular operations in the Penn Museum have been suspended due to an ongoing sit in protest organized by Fossil Free Penn. Over 30 members strong, the group of protesters from the prominent activist club is disrupting museum activity by occupying the archaeology wing. Club president Alanna Gore (C ‘19) issued a statement to the UTB, claiming that the protest, despite any disciplinary action taken by administrators, “will not end until every last bone in the museum is released.”

Brandishing signs reading, “Fossil keeping REX our campus culture,” and, “PTER down cruelty,” the protesters are resolute in their view that acquiring dinosaur fossils is harmful to the environment and unethical. In Gore’s words, “It’s true that museums in many places have acquired dinosaur skeletons over the past few decades, but it’s on this generation of students to end the cycle of capitalist obsession that enables the destruction of wildlife. Not a single wild dinosaur has been seen on campus while the dinosaur exhibit has been open. Do administrators really believe that’s just a coincidence?”

Gore and other members of Fossil Free Penn commented briefly on the College Hall protests of last year, citing a lack of recognition by faculty as the reason they had to take their fight close to administration.

"This has always been our true cause."