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The Savvy Stoner’s Guide to Hotboxing a GSR


Photo by Warateens / CC0

Midterms are over, and it’s time for some much needed R&R. There’s no need to relinquish your standing 4 p.m. GSR booking, though. Instead of railing addy in your study room this week, take advantage of the cramped quarters and stale air of VP, grab a study buddy, and hotbox your GSR with these simple tips:

  • Leave the vape at home. Hotboxing requires a thick smoke to work properly.
  • Don’t cover the threshold. The more smoke leaks out, the more likely it is that the VP staff will experience a pleasant secondhand high and refrain from killing your vibe.
  • TV rooms are your friend. If you can finesse a Huntsman GSR, don’t forget to bring your laptop! An episode of Adventure Time is a great way to keep paranoia away and assure rubbernecking security staff that everything going on is wholesome and academically productive.
  • Grab an iced coffee at Mark’s. Cold beverages will lower the temperature of your mouth and prevent your clouds from rising up toward the smoke detectors. Just because midterms are over doesn’t mean you should forget your thermo! Also, you’ll need drinks for when pussy-ass Greg starts coughing.
  • Ash, ash, ash! No one wants the Library of Alexandria all over again.