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Heartbreaking: Sophomore Cheats on Engineering Ethics Exam


Photo by Hariadhi / CC BY-SA 3.0

Moral breakdown was wholly apparent last Thursday when Clyde Jennings (E ’20) cheated on his EAS 203—Engineering Ethics exam with no regrets.

“I literally had no time to do any of the readings. I still don’t even know what the categorical imperative is,” Jennings said.

When we asked Jennings, who went out almost every night of the past week, about his decision to cheat, he yielded to a utilitarian argument.

“It’s about the consequences and not the intention. I cheated for the common good—better grades for me means better job opportunities, which means greater social impact,” the future J.P. Morgan intern explained.

Unfortunately for Jennings, it really is about the consequences—you probably won’t be seeing him around anymore. At least not in the Engineering Quad, we mean, as he recently secured a transfer to Wharton.