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Junior Attempts to Reconnect with Kid He Met at Quaker Days After Best Friend Backs out of Housing Agreement


Photo by Phil De La Cruz / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Marc Ross (W ‘19) was enjoying life as a junior. He got his dream internship, excelled in all his classes and even had his living situation figured out before winter break. Virtually unheard of.

Unfortunately, his future roomie Fred Anderson (W ‘19) decided to back out of their housing agreement in early March. For some time, Ross was haunted by the possibility of being homeless.

It was at this moment that he knew he had to resort to desperate measures. Reconnect-with-your-friend-from-Quaker-Days level desperate.

Indeed, Ross had to message the then-prospective freshman whom he bonded with during Quaker Days, John Gunn (E ’19). Their last engagement had been two-and-a-half years ago when Ross left Gunn on read after Gunn had asked to get lunch sometime.

“It’s crazy how much can change in three years. I remember John coming in and wanting to change the world through technology. Apparently now he just pitches stocks every other day,” Ross explained. “He also used to never touch molly, only cocaine. Unreal!”

It’s safe to say that Ross finally took Gunn up on his offer for lunch (just a few years late). We wish these two the best of luck as they rebuild their friendship.