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New Task Force to Crack Down on Juuling


Photo by Mylesclark96 / CC BY-SA 4.0

After a decision that some letters should never be used twice in a row, the administration has created a new task force to crack down on Juuling around Penn’s campus.

We spoke to the recently appointed head of the new task force: “It started with skiing, and as ridiculous as that word looks, we let it slide. By the time it had come to our attention, it was already so mainstream that there was nothing we could have done. But Juuling is different—the combination of two U’s in a row is just preposterous, and it would be reckless for us to let it slide.”

Other words that feature the “uu” combination include, and are pretty much exclusive to, vacuum and continuum. The double U in each of these words is more acceptable because they are words intended for science nerds. But Juuling is not for science nerdsJuuling is for cool kids, which means that the double U simply cannot stand.