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Now That the Olympics Are Over, the Next Major Sports Event This Junior Has to Look Forward to Is His Frat’s Beer Pong Tournament


Photo by Laura LaRose / CC BY 2.0

There’s always a lull after a major sports event like the Olympics: the athletes have all gone home, and the ability to procrastinate by “supporting your country” is over. So, many students are looking ahead to the next big sports event.

College sophomore and skilled athlete Joseph Klein is no exception. In fact, he saw the Olympics as more of a pregame for his frat's beer pong tournament, a chance for those who couldn't make it in the beer pong world to have their fun before the real competition began. Sure, skiing requires a decent degree of skill and strength, and maybe hockey requires some strategy, but there’s nothing quite as difficult as mastering the arc of a perfect shot and having it land straight in that red solo cup. 

Klein was blessed—that’s for sure. He was born with natural talent for the game. He was only seven months old when he threw his first cheerio into a cup across the table.

Now, with the Olympics finally out of the way, Klein can focus on what is important. In fact, Klein has already written his victory speech, which he repeated for us verbatim: “You know, you work really hard to get here and people tell you that you can’t make it, that you’re not good enough, but here I am. We’re all so proud to be representing this great country, and you just hope you can go out there and do your best, and just lay it all out on the table.”

After countless rehearsals in the mirror, he became so excited that he punched the glass and cut his hand, effectively ending his season.