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OP-ED: Oh, Did You Say Something? I Was Busy Taking Notes on My iPad Pro


Photo by Brett Jordan / CC BY 2.0

Hi, sorry if this comes off as rude, but I was just so busy working away on my 20x15 inch iPad Pro. I just can’t help myself—the interface is so smooth. It makes work an absolute joy.

Sometimes, I get so lost in the device that I totally ignore the outside world for hours at a time, so I’m sorry if I didn't process what you were saying while I had my device in my lap. I’ve gotten into the habit of transcribing every page of my textbooks just to use my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil more.

While my academic life has vastly improved since acquiring my iPad Pro, my personal life has suffered immensely. I have received criticism for paying over $1,500 for my iPad, Apple Pencil, leather case, and the $20 screen protectors that I replace on a weekly basis.

I have also lost many my friends because they don’t want to be seen with the "giant iPad freak," and my father no longer pays my tuition because I refuse to take paper exams.

But I don’t care. I’m thinking about running away and living in a coffee shop in Midtown Manhattan with just me and my iPad Pro. I want to transcribe notes using my iPad Pro until I die.