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OP-ED: Pledging is Bad But So Is...War? Is that a Good Argument?


Photo from Pxhere / CC0

So there have been a lot of hot takes the past few weeks about fraternity pledging and its benefits and dangers. While I know little about it, I still feel a burning desire for attention, so I will do my best to produce an opinion.

So here is my opinion. Yep. Here it is. Here we go. About to knock your socks off. Here. We. Go.


Pledging. Is uh...bad. But! But, uh. So is...war? Is that a good argument?

Yes. Yes it is. Somebody throw me an ice pack, because I think I just made a hot take.

And while I'm spitting new perspectives, here's another.


I think that...uh... hook-up culture at Penn is...not as bad as suffering from lupus.

Yeah? I mean yeah! That's what I think!

And dating people based on their race is NOT okay, but it is okay to not date people who are much taller than you and it makes kissing awkward.

Wow. Cool me off. Hot takes comin' at ya'll 24/7. Someone get me a book deal.

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