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OP-ED: Seriously, You're Still Writing '2017' on Your Papers?


Photo by mohamed_hassan / CC0

Come on. Are you serious? We two months into 2018, and you still can’t write the correct year? There’s no other way to describe how I feel other than disappointed.

I would understand if it were January 5th, even January 10th. I get it if you have external circumstances, like a religious commitment to the year before or an irreparable memory condition. Maybe you could be repressing memories of 2017, hoping to go back to a simpler time. But you—I know you have none of these things. I know you are a privileged, arrogant, pretentious, Ivy League drug addict who’s too absentminded, irresponsible, and impetuous to give a damn.

I’ve got no respect for you. I’ve got no respect for the things you stand for. When you write that 2017 on your paper, not only are you disrespecting everyone who takes the time and effort to get the year right, but you’re trivializing everything that has happened so far in 2018. You, with your imprudent and mindless actions, are causing a huge problem for everyone.

So stop. Get with the times. Everyone else is writing the correct year on their paper, and you should be no different. Stop thinking you’re special or that you can do whatever you want. You can’t. You’re an adult with responsibilities, and you need to get over yourself.