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Wow, This Penn Student Still Checks His Email Every Ivy Decision Day To See If He Got Into Princeton


Photo by Becky Molinoff / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Another year, another Ivy Decision Day, another glimmer of hope, and another inevitable letdown. Adrian Guster (C ‘18) is looking forward to his fifth Ivy Decision Day since he applied to his dream school, Princeton University. After settling for his second choice at Penn, Adrian was never able to fully let go. He still sleeps in his Princeton shirt every night of March in preparation for decision release day, but this year will likely be the last time.

“I’ve been checking college confidential recently to see what people are saying, and this year it looks like I might have a chance. A lot of people have been posting their SAT scores and their GPAs, and mine pretty much blow them out of the water,” Adrian told us as he handed us a signed printout of his SAT scores. “Plus, I have the added qualification of almost four years of education at an Ivy League school. I think that’ll really make me stand out!”

Once he finds out what day the decisions will be released, Adrian told his roommates that they’ll have to give him the apartment to himself. He doesn’t want the added pressure of knowing his friends are sitting outside his room, eagerly waiting to hear if he got in. We spoke to one of Adrian’s roommates, Matt, about the upcoming event.

“I literally could not care less if this dude gets into Princeton. I mean, first of all, I don’t understand why he would even want to go there. Their mascot is a tiger is way less cool than the Quaker... I mean, since when is anyone afraid of tigers? Also, he’s graduating from Penn in like two months — why is he trying to get into Princeton as an undergrad?”