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Watch Out! Professor Is Unaware of Upcoming Autoplay Video


Photo by Seth Fein / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Cool, your professor just treated the class to a YouTube video that pointlessly repeated the lecture material. But now he has no idea that in five seconds, a new video will play automatically. Watch out!

He’s already minimized the YouTube window and returned to his slides, completely and blissfully ignorant of the impending disruption. In just a few seconds, a loud narration from a tangentially-related video will echo through the classroom. Your professor will scramble, confused, while the class squirms with discomfort.

Some of your classmates mumble to their neighbors. Many have taken notice of the imminent chaos, yet no one steps up to warn the professor. They have accepted their fate, and would rather experience the temporary disarray than raise their voice in class.

All you can do now is sit quietly and wait for the debacle to end. Think back to simpler times, before the advent of autoplay videos designed to victimize technologically-inept PhDs.

Oh, what is this? The video began playing silently? Your professor had accidentally muted the video window. It may take many minutes to undo the mistake, but at least the classroom is safe, for now.